Saturday, April 3, 2010

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve

What another beautiful spring day, 80 by noon.  Dave and I took the dogs for a little hike this morning.  It's part of a Dog Meetup group that I joined back in February.  There were only 4 of us there but being that it's Easter weekend I wasn't surprised.  I love living in the part of North Carolina that I do, there's a lot of nature things that you can do, hiking, boating, etc.  There are several park systems run by the state and there are lots of walking trails and parks to go to, but they are not your typical trail, when they say "nature" they mean nature.  The trails are clearly marked for the most part but they are all dirt, no pavement, and they can be rocky, have thick tree roots, steep hills which they put "steps" to help get up them.  But that's what I like about them more than regular paved trails or paths.  I like being out in nature, always loved camping as a kid whether it be at girl scout camp or summer trips with my family.  My two dogs loved playing in the creek that we walked along which is surprising for my one dog Sierra, she's a Samoyed which are made more for snow.  I will tell you more about my animals in another post.  I've posted the pictures of today's walk in my Picasa album, which there's a link to the Picasa Photostream you should be able to click on if you want to take a peak.  I didn't really take any of the trail maybe next time.  Here's a couple pics tho from the album.

This is Brodie trying to roll in the water like he does the snow

This is Sierra just chilling in the creek.

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  1. What sweet pups!!!!!
    All the best from Denmark!!